Welcome to

The Knights of Columbus

Council 1652




Where – Home for Girls Soccer on Kalar Road (on the turf)
When – Sunday, April 9, 2017
2:00pm – Boys and Girls aged 9 as of Sept 1st
2:30pm - Boys and Girls aged 10 as of Sept 1st
3:00pm - Boys and Girls aged 11 as of Sept 1st
3:30pm - Boys and Girls aged 12 as of Sept 1st
4:00pm - Boys and Girls aged 13 as of Sept 1st
4:30pm - Boys and Girls aged 14 as of Sept 1st
Please arrive 30 minutes before your time in order to register.
Please contact Andrew Howcroft at ahowcroft@sympatico.ca for more information.

Our New Chairlift!


Some of you may have noticed our chairlift has been out of order for the past few months. Which has really made it hard for some of our attendees. 

The problem was: chairlifts are expensive. We were looking at a long wait before we had raised the necessary funds for a proper chairlift.

Then Brother Michael Britto stepped forward and donated enough money.

This Monday (April 10, 7pm) We're having a ceremony for the chairlift's "Maiden Voyage," and we'll be honouring Michael's contribution.

All are welcome. Please come by and say hi.  


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